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Aha, that’s it!

Heads nod. Grins spread across the room. Everyone is excited.

Whether it’s a full branding assignment or a great campaign, there’s a eureka moment of truth where the seemingly impossible becomes crystal clear.

With the perfect blend of Simple Truth + Creativity, we help clients change the conversation in their category so they can lead it. We’ve got the big idea. We know what has to be done.

And as simple as that, Bob’s Your Uncle.


Bob’s Your Uncle is a Toronto-based independent advertising agency with a strong history helping innovative and disruptive brands achieve leading market share.

Services: Brand Development, Strategy, Integrated Advertising Campaigns, Digital Strategy, Web & Digital Experience Development, Social Media Strategy and Management, Content Development, Rebranding, Design, Media Planning & Buying

Category Experience: CPG, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverage, Financial, Travel & Tourism, Business Services, Natural Health Products, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Fashion

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With ADP looking after your payroll, employers can enjoy payday as much as employees.


Now you really can meet your ancestors – they’re waiting for you online.


Canon calls them features and functions. You call them your secret to capturing precious moments.


Dinnertime is story time.

Cromwell & Cruthers

In the battle between foam and oil, there’s a clear winner.


Your home should be more than just a place to live – it should be a place you love to live.

The Dominion

You never expect the unexpected – The Dominion is ready when you’re not.


If Santa were Italian ...


Creating Super Sports Heroes.


Meatless for the mainstream.


Take the agony out of travel planning.

Joseph Brant Hospital

A new era of dramatically improved healthcare and facilities demands a fresh, new look.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Before there was no mike’s – now there is.

Minute Rice

Take a minute for what matters in life.


The import beer that’s welcomed wherever it goes – like any good Canadian.

Next 36

When you’re creating tomorrow’s high-impact entrepreneurs, you need a bold identity.


An enlightened approach to an age-old problem.

Rob Ford Coal

Someone was a naughty boy.

New Roots Herbal

Feel good about choosing high quality natural health products.


Served fast. Cooked slow.


A higher level of diversification. A deeper level of knowledge.


Money back where you least expect it.


Crafted in Canada's iceberg alley.


Setting the bar high.


Robert K Froese


Bob brings over 20 years of strategic branding and advertising experience. He crafted Canada’s world-leading tobacco cessation campaign, launched category-altering brands that have become category leaders in beverage alcohol, natural health products and consumer packaged goods. Today he focuses on our clients’ biggest opportunities, and on our own.

Bob is the guy you call when you want to change the game.

Dorothy McMillan

Chief Creative Officer

In creative matters, Dorothy would describe her role more as "chief cook and bottle washer." Refreshingly collaborative and hands-on, Dorothy’s creative talent is enjoyed by our clients almost as much as her robot collection. Distilling creative insight into breathtaking beauty and compelling branding and advertising, Dorothy adds serious power to our creative engine.

Dorothy is the person you call when it’s been a long time since you’ve seen something from your agency you really loved.

Jonathan Kirsten

VP Digital

Jonathan has been creating digital experiences for over 15 years. He gets excited about simple solutions to complex problems that he has applied to pharma, retail, electronics, software, education, travel, drinks, financial services and FMCG brands. Don’t take our word for the quality of his work. Take a look at his awards cabinet!

If you have a challenge related to digital communications, Jonathan is your ‘fixer’.

Penny Hipolito

VP Production + Studio

Veteran Penny Hipolito and her gang of graphic designers manage our clients’ production needs to exacting standards. Penny’s impressive knowledge of the industry allows her to continuously deliver on projects in a high pressure, deadline-oriented environment.

Penny is always on call.

Ed Weiss

VP Media Director

Ed’s background in media planning for some of the world’s largest event management brands means he really understands having his feet to the fire and making sure every, single, media dollar is spent wisely. Ed is actively engaged in new media models and a veteran industry member whose counsel is sought by clients and industry associations alike.

Call Ed if you have any doubt that your media is working as hard as it could be. Or if you want to go on a seriously long bike ride.

Deborah Arbus

VP Client Services + Strategy

Deborah has worked for agencies in New York and Toronto from pure branding to fully integrated agencies, like ours. Deborah manages our client service and strategy teams and ensures our clients benefit from our best thinking. Clients appreciate her team’s extraordinary drive to deliver great work in a manner that is enjoyable and effective.

Deborah will call you if there is anything to be concerned about.

Sara Presotto

Director of Finance + Operations

Sara does such a great job managing our finances that our clients often wish she was managing theirs. Oh wait, that happened. Probably no better testament to Sara's abilities and her infectious awesomeness than for her to have become an integral part of a client's financial team! Nobody, but nobody, messes with Sara and comes out ahead. An anchor in an often stormy sea, Sara is part of the foundation at BYU.

Call Sara before she calls you.

Brian Flay

Senior Writer

With over 16 years of experience, Brian brings creative talent and strategic thinking to every project. While always looking for a way to break through, he knows the importance of never losing sight of a brand’s character. Brian has worked in every medium for clients including Microsoft, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Molson - and that’s just the M’s.

With his somewhat warped sense of humour, call Brian at your own risk.


219 Dufferin St
Suite 304A
Toronto, ON, M6K 3J1




Enjoy the thrill of getting to the big idea? From strategy to creative to execution, we’re always looking for people who can help us get there in a way that’s fast, simple and fun. contact us now